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Established in 1915, Jefferson Electric Power LLC is the forerunner and pioneer of the electric power industry. We have a long history in the R&D and production of transformer, UPS, reactive power compensation, power filters and other power protection and improvement devices. The mature application of the products ...

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High-quality products

JE's product line strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001

Make our customers use electrical energy more efficient and safer.
We develop and produce high-performance electrical energy utilization and power distribution system protection products...
Realizing efficient electrical energy use, saving more than 7% energy for users

Our goal is to improve our customers' energy use, reform the energy conversion method, create a safer and efficient environment...


JE has a long production history and mature technology, and has become one of the largest and most powerful technology manufacturing companies in Connecticut after a long period of market testing. The company mainly produces transformers, UPS, reactive power compensation devices, active power filters, etc...

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JE's product line strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system ...

Service Network.

In addition to comprehensive products, the industry solutions provided by JE also contain perfect services, including design, assessment analysis, project management services and after-sales service. After many years of experience, we have enough knowledge, experience and ability to provide customers with the best service. C Get to know the service network of JE (go to the following text)


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UK MoD Signs £20M Nano UAS Contract

No German Decision on Heron Replacement before 2012

US Naval Air Warfare Center Evaluates New Missions for AAI Shadow

South Korea Moves Ahead with Stealth Combat UAS Demonstrator

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The Fourth United States National Energy Summit opened in Las Vegas

At U.S. Pacific time 9:00 on August 30, 2011, the Fourth United States National Energy Summit opened in Las Vegas. The meeting, which was an energy conference of the highest standards in the United States and focuses on "the future of energy", was presided over by U.S.

Energy conservation becomes a source of the new profit in industrial production chain.


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Electronics Engineer

Contributing to mobility products evolution and development strategy
Software design and implementation for CDMA related features
Bachelor degree or above in Telecommunication, EE, Computer or related areas

Knowledge and experience of wireless network, knowledge on CDMA base station and Lucent base station product is preferred
Good understanding of large scale software development cycle and process
Highly self-motivated and able to work effectively under pressure
Be flexible on work-time during load delivery
Strong communication skill in English
Good teamwork

US Naval Air Warfare Center Evaluates New Missions for AAI Shadow
November 7, 2011


AAI Unmanned Aircraft Systems has announced that the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, UAS Test Directorate has established and demonstrated a dedicated Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System for test and evaluation purposes.“Our Marine Corps customers have utilized Shadow systems in operational areas including Afghanistan and Iraq for many years now, and they continue to demonstrate new and innovative operational concepts for them,” says Senior Vice President & General Manager Steven Reid of AAI UAS. “This dedicated test and evaluation system is an excellent way for them to continue this innovation by validating new missions for their Shadow assets.”

Having completed its inaugural flight from the Webster Field Annex in Maryland, just miles from Naval Air Station Patuxent River, the system will be used to support U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS Program Office (PMA-263) test and evaluation initiatives, including the Wide Focal Plane Array Camera (WFPAC) payload development effort. The WFPAC payload would enable Shadow system users to conduct persistent surveillance over wider search areas. Apart from WFPAC payload testing, the Shadow test and evaluation system also is slated to be used by PMA-263 in testing other new payloads to support additional new mission profiles.

AAI’s longstanding relationship with PMA-263 started in the 1980s, upon the Navy’s selection of the Pioneer(R) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle after a competitive fly-off. The RQ-2 Pioneer systems were workhorses for the Navy, with a storied history including Iraqi troops offering surrender to an aircraft during the Gulf War in the early 1990s. The last Pioneer systems were retired from service as recently as 2007.

“Along with many of our team members, I have fond memories of working at the same location many years ago, testing the Pioneer unmanned aircraft assets that served the Navy so well until the fleet’s retirement,” says Reid. “It is tremendous to be back on-site with this group again to evaluate state-of-the-art UAS capabilities with the Shadow system.”

Shadow Tactical UAS are in service with the U.S. Army and National Guard, as well as the Marine Corps, and have been selected for allied armed forces in both Italy and Sweden. With their broad capability and reliability, Shadow systems have amassed more than 680,000 total flight hours.



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